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IPOB Prayer Theme: Head of IPOB Religious Affair Committee

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Announcement! Announcement!! Announcement!!!
There will be one day fasting and prayer for IPOB/Biafrans worldwide on Sunday 7th July 2019.
Theme : The judgement of Nigeria and her allied Nations. Psalm 149:6-9.
Main Text:1 Kings 13:1-5.

Prayer topics :
1. Prophesy against the seat of Nigeria government in Aso Rock that no man shall sit on it again as president of Nigeria forever.
1 Kings 13:1-2;
Jeremiah 22: 29-30.

2. Prophesy against the Amalgamation of 1914, that Nigeria be divided (split) and Biafra shall be separated from it .
1 Kings 13: 3 & 5 ;
Isaiah 8: 9-12.

3. Prophesy against any man or nation that stands against the restoration of Biafra. Let that man/nation die (dry up).
1 Kings 13:4;
Psalm 31:17 ;
Jeremiah 51: 53-57.

4. Invoke the blood of all Biafrans killed since 1914 till date including those drowned in the sea and those died on the desert to rise, attack and fight all the wicked world leaders, UN, EU, AU, Nigeria and their evil governments.
Isaiah 26: 21; Job 16:18; Micah 1:3.

5. Thank God for the answered prayers.
Psalm 77:1-20;
Exodus 15: 1-21.

All prayer points should be prayed lifting up the sand of any country where we are living by 12 noon Biafra time
Everybody from the leadership to the unit level will pray at the same time irrespective of the time zone.
If you happen to be in a place where you cannot pray out just hook up with radio Biafra App with your ear phones, the sand in your hand and agree to the prayers by saying Iseeeee or amen.
This is a direct command by Chukwu Okike Abiama.

Everybody should try to collect the sand and keep before the day of prayer to avoid disappointment

Duration of fast is 6am to 12 noon Biafra time and at 12 noon the prayer will be made.

Chukwu Okike Abiama will surely deliver us from the evil conspiracy of the world.
Shalom umu Chineke.

Prepared by :
Biafra Pastors with Evang Uzoaku Nwokike.

Signed by :
Mazi Oscar Okeke (Head of IPOB Religious Affair Committee)

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